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LoD Mid Width Jeep JK Wrangler Front Bumper - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:30:55 PM

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LoD JK Mid-Width Front Bumper

We are excited as we start the build up of our 2014 Jeep JK Rubicon Unlimited. We were looking for a multi-use expedition style build. A jeep that could do a 4 week expedition through the northwest and still be comfortable on a beach trip with the family in southern California traffic. Besides the 1.5" Teraflex performance lift we just put on we were looking for front end protection.
There were a lot of bumper options out there. Our main concern was finding a quality winch bumper that afforded a good balance of protection and not being to heavy. Let me tell you there are many options, from feather light modular bumpers, to prerunners, to snowplow looking road warrior bumpers. After looking we finally settled on LoD as the company of choice. Their mid width JK front winch bumper has what appears to be the best balance of weight, looks and quality at the right price. They also allow for some customization, such as a winch guard and front skid plate. We especially liked the clean lines that maintained the classic looks of the jeep.

The bumper came nicely packaged in one box via FedEx. Needless to say the deliveryman was not excited about the 90lb plus box. The bumper was wrapped in plastic with a foam injection in the box which maintained the bumper in perfect condition. The tear down of the OE bumper was quick and painless taking only about 20 minutes. All of the hardware came on the bumper while the skid plate and vacuum pump relocation hardware was bagged separate.

The vacuum pump relocation was next on the list. Many other manufacturers require the vacuum pump be relocated under the hood which takes up precious and limited space while having to cut wiring and vacuum lines. LoD does not require this, the pump is merely moved slightly inboard with a new relocation bracket. It does require cutting 1/2 of the vacuum pump bracket which is easily accomplished with an angle grinder. This entire process took maybe 15 minutes.

The winch plate and bumper install was straight forward but a little slower, definitely a 2 man job. We only experienced two small problems. The first being one of our flag nuts used to secure the winch plate broke, easy enough to fix but slowed us down a little. Our second problem was the lower skid plate was missing a hole on the passenger side where it connects to the lower frame crossmember, this again was easy enough to fix. I will say to take your time on the final centering and tightening. The clearances are tight but definitely doable, LoD has put some thought into the engineering.

The fog light relocation does require cutting the fog light harness. We opted to stretch the harness to make the drivers side connection and then only cut and extend the passenger side. The wiring seemed to fit nicely.

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Fully decked out with the lower skid plate, winch guard and matte black finish, $765.00.

Final impressions
We have had the bumper for 2 weeks now. We have made a few trips to Holcomb Valley in Big Bear Ca. We have received many compliments from friends and fellow jeepers. The ride up front is slightly firmer with the weight, but actually helped to smooth out some of the washboard we encountered on the Big Bear trails. We will be adding a winch and some lighting soon so we'll wait to make any suspension adjustments until then. Currently the bumper only dropped the front Teraflex springs 1/4". We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the bumper. The clean lines and appearance help maintain the classic look of the Jeep which we like.The finish is excellent, the matte black is a close match to the OE fenders.The bumper isn't the lightest or cheapest out there, but if your looking for adequate protection on the trail and quality workmanship your going to have to pay. There are no shortcuts as we have found through the years. We feel like LoD has the right balance here.We definitely see a rear bumper from LoD in our future.

For more information about products check out their website or give them a call.

LoD Offroad
Phone: 765-385-0631

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