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Cooper Discoverer STT Tires - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:29:36 PM

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Discoverer STT Tires
Size Reviewed - 35x12.5x15
& 37x12.5x17

Product Overview:
Cooper Tire recently jumped on the band wagon of producing an aggressive rock-crawling / offroad tire like nothing Cooper has made before. The tread and sidewalls on the new Discoverer STT's are aggressive and rugged. We were lucky enough to test and review a set of 35x12.5x15 STT's on our project Willy's wrangler as soon as they were available to the public. It's exciting being allowed to test a tire that is brand new to the market. This review came at a good time for all weather testing. We had the opportunity to test these tires in dry rock-crawling / trail conditions, rain, mud, snow and street conditions. Follow along to see how this new tire performed as we test the heck out of them. 

Tire Features:
Heavy sidewalls with Armor-Tek3 technology ensure a puncture resistant sidewall. We can vouch for this heavy sidewall puncture resistance as we tested these tires in sharp granite rock crawling conditions under low tire pressure. The sidewalls were taking some heavy abuse getting chewed up against rocks as we were purposely trying to make the tire fail for the sake of testing. All in all they held up to our test and kept going. The sidewalls not only provide a strong puncture resistance but also feature an aggressive sidewall tread providing additional traction. 

Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction
The heavy duty carcass is constructed of two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply to deliver 3 plies of protection for superior resistance to impact breaks and bruising.

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Rock/Trail Test:
Testing the Discoverer STT's was performed on our local rock-crawling trails in Big Bear California. These trails offer great rock gardens, ruts with the occasional stream crossings and miles of excellent trails. We test the majority of our products on these trails and they provide a great testing ground for similar products such as tires. These STT's worked great the entire day. Project Willy's traction was excellent and pretty much equal in all trail conditions. The additional sidewall tread hooked up great when the tire was ready to slide off the rocks. The rock gardens were a breeze with a noticeable difference from our last set of tires. These tires provided outstanding traction especially when we dropped the tire pressure to 13lbs.


Snow Test:
A recent storm brought about 8-10" of snow to our area in which we were sure to head out onto the streets before the snow plows cleared the roads. The STT's hooked up great in the snow and seemed to float right over the top. In the deeper snow and climbing hills the aggressive tires dug down to the street and kept pulling through. We were impressed with the snow performance since the snow we typically get is slushy wet heavy snow with a layer of ice on the bottom. 

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Mud Test:
After the snow melted and the trails soaked up the water everything was muddy and sloppy with a thick peanut butter consistency that stuck to everything. Needless to say we headed out to our local stomping grounds for a little mud wheelin. The STT's packed the mud in pretty hard but were unloading the mud as fast as it was picking it up. The tires were especially throwing mud all over the place. The aggressive tread dug into the mud and fist full sized chunks of mud were flipping through the air going up some of the hills. None the less the tires worked well in the mud and provided enough traction to keep pushing through.  

Road Test:
Since project Willy's is based on a project vehicle that sports both good street characteristics along with great offroad performance we very pleased with how quiet these tires were on the street, especially for being a 35" tire. In fact these new Discoverer STT's are quiter than Goodyear MTR's BFG Muds, and other popular offroad tires in the same class. Street traction was also good with great cornering and stopping. Even in the rain these tires felt right at home providing no tire slipping or drifting around corners. 

After thoroughly testing the heck out of these tires for a month we managed to try them in various conditions not to mention trying to abuse them to see if they would take it. After days of testing and abuse we weren't able to tear a sidewall or even chunk any of the lugs off the tire. All in all we are very pleased with Coopers new design and look forward to seeing more and more of these tires being used out on the trails. I can't tell you how many people approached us asking about this new aggressive tire most people haven't seen yet. For more information check out Cooper Tires website.

Update: We liked these tires so much we got another set but in 37's for another project we were working on. Been equally as happy with this size as well. These tires are great! Highly recommend them! 

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