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Briggs and Stratton P2000 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:36:01 PM

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Briggs and Stratton P2000 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator

We do a lot of camping and outdoor adventures so having the right equipment adds to the element of relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Before our last camping trip I did some research on inverter generators in the 1000-2000 watt range which would suit our needs for basic camping items and charging computers, camera's etc. While familiarizing myself with the compact inverter market I discovered that Briggs and Stratton is making a compact quiet unit that had some great features and cost considerably less than a lot of the competitors inverters. Briggs and Stratton has become a household name and has been around for over 100 years. I've personally owned several gas powered tools that were powered by Briggs & Stratton engines and have always had good luck with them. So when I saw the P2000 PowerSmart generator I knew it was going to be backed by a name I could trust. This unit sells online at the time of this review for right around $649 with free shipping but I did find one as low as $569 + shipping. That's about $400 less than the popular Honda unit I was originally looking at. Below are some pictures of the unboxing.



P2000 Spec's and Features
Before we fire it up and talk about how it works I wanted to go over the spec's and features. The P2000 is a computer controlled unit that adjusts the engine speed based on the power demand. Briggs designed this technology so the inverter remains very quiet and at low rpm's while not being used or has a power demand as they put it, then rev's up according to how much power your device or tool needs. The inverter even at full power is pleasantly quiet and you could have a conversation with someone. They rate the decible level at 59 dB which seems to be same as a lot of competitors decible level. For me having a quiet generator is an absolute must, I can't stand listening to a conventional generator that sounds like a lawn mower screaming the entire time. It's just not worth listening too and you can barely have a conversation with someone. Below are some spec's and features included on the P2000.

The Control Panel features:

(2) - 120 volt outlets @ 13.3A
(1) - 12v battery charging station or 12v cigarette lighter outlet @ 5A
PowerSmart Mode on/off switch
Output Light
Overload Light
Low Oil Light 

Running Watts 1600, Starting Watts 2000, Volts 120, Amps 13.3, 111cc engine, 1 gallon gas tank w/up to 6.5hrs usage per tank @ 1/4 load, weighs 56lbs, Dimensions 21"L x14"W x 17"H, 2yr warranty

First Start Up
Before firing the generator up for the first time it's necessary to fill the engine with the supplied engine oil. To do so we removed the side panel using one of the tools supplied with the generator. Once inside the oil dipstick location is obvious. Simply remove the dipstick and pour the entire container of oil in with a funnel. Put the cover back on and pour some gas into the tank. Remember the tank only holds 1 gallon of gas so don't get carried away pouring it in, it'll be full before you know it.


Demo Video
Below is a YouTube video of the generator start up and demo. You can hear just how quiet it is and how easy it starts.
Note: This was a complete cold start after sitting for 2 weeks. I didn't warm it up prior to shooting the video.

We've been using this generator off and on for about 2 months. It's joined us on 7 day long camping trip along with some testing around the garage and shop with various household tools such as a skill saw, 1/2" drill, drill press, and a 4" grinder all which were ran without any trouble. I also tested it at home with a forced air heater and full size home refrigerator to see if it was capable of handling the basic needs in the event of a power outage.
My testing was based on what I felt were common needs the majority of people would use a generator for.

Take a look at the YouTube video to see the P2000 in action. Overall I am very pleased with the unit and the fact that it's over $400 less than the competitors inverter I was looking at originally is a no brainer. Briggs and Stratton has always been known to make quality engines and I feel they hit the mark with the P2000. If your in the market for a qiet generator you may want to consider a Briggs.

Because this review is unbiased I will share with you my dislikes. The P2000 is a few pounds heavier than similar watt inverters, still not bad to carry by myself though. It is also not CARB compliant so if you live in California you are not able to buy one.

For more information about Briggs & Stratton products check out there website or give them a call.

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