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Grizzly Coolers G40 Ice Chest - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:41:10 PM

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Grizzly Coolers G40
Ice Chest

We've had our share of ice chest from soft bags to a dozen or more standard issue foam filled plastic coolers. They've all served a purpose and pretty much last a few years before the lid is ripped off or the latches break. A new trend has been arising with coolers that are meant to last a lifetime of punishment and adventure. We decided to take a look at the Grizzly brand of coolers which is growing popularity quickly with a very high quality line up of cooler with some great features. We chose the G40 which I felt was a good all around size (40qt) for day use off-roading to week long camping trips. See below for dimensions, features and the unboxing pictures.

G40 Dimensions - Outside 25-1/2"L x 15-3/8"H x 16"W / Inside 19-1/2"L x 11-3/4"H x 10-1/2"W

Rotation Molded Construction, Stainless Hinge Pin, Large 2" Drain, BearClaw latches, Molded Handles, Rope handles with Nylon Sleeved rubber handle, 2" tie down slots, Rubber gaskets seals contents, Non Marking Rubber feet, LIFETIME WARRANTY, Bear proof certified and best of all Made in USA



We chose the RAM edition G40

Cooler Design & Construction
The Grizzly cooler is designed to last a lifetime and to prove their confidence in making a heavy duty product it's backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The Grizzly coolers are Rotational molded using Grizzly's Rototough molding process. They are injection molded with environmentally friendly insulation in the process. The rotomolding process ensures the coolers material thickness is consistent throughout the mold. Grizzly has a pretty cool video on there website showing the G16 cooler supporting the weight of a 11,000lb John Deere Tractor by it's bucket. Click Here We would have love to have tractors to abuse products.

Certified Bear Resistant:

Too prove it's strength the Grizzly Coolers come Bear Proof certified as one of many test the coolers are subjected to during design.

More Pictures

Camping with the G40

Padlock Loop

Large 2" Drain

Top Tray

HD Latches

RAM Logo

Ice Testing - Grizzly vs. "Common folk" Cooler
We decided to compare the Grizzly to a like size cooler we picked up at our local hardware store. The cooler is a common run of the mill Coleman unit we picked up for around $40. Both coolers were filled with (2-1/2) 20lb bags of ice and left outside in the sun for a duration of 7 days. Average temperature ranged from high 60's in the evening to mid 90's in the afternoon. During the test each cooler was opened 10 times a day simulating a average use while camping or off-roading. After 2 days it was obvious that the Grizzly was retaining the ice better than the Coleman. Day 3 and 4 was even more obvious with the Coleman becoming low on ice and high on water content. The Grizzly was showing signs of ice melting but not as much as the Coleman. By day 6 the Grizzly still had some ice while the Coleman was pretty much done with some lingering ice pieces in a pool of water. The Grizzly also had a good amount of water but the amount of ice was considerably more.

Day 4 and still going


Aside from our testing we've also taken the Grizzly cooler on a few camping trips and have been pleased with it's ice retention. The G40 will keep ice for most of a 7-day camping trip with a little added near day 5 or 6. What I like most about the Grizzly cooler is how much stronger and better it's built. It's very noticeable right off and I can see why they back it with a lifetime warranty, this thing is extremely well built and stout in every aspect. It's makes my Coleman cooler look and feel like a flimsy piece of junk, but it is considerably less cost.

Dislikes, the Grizzly is much heavier than the common coolers due to it's far thicker material and design. The cost is about 8 times what you will pay for a cheapo cooler but you'll be buying a lot more of them down the road.

Overall im very impressed with the Grizzly cooler, it's far superior to any other cooler ive owned. For more information about Grizzly Coolers check out there website or give them a call.

1712 Moellers Drive
Decorah, IA. 52101

Phone: 563-382-9636
Toll Free: 800-553-0050
Fax: 563-382-3016

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