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DV8 RS2 Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier
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October 18, 2017, 09:32:04 PM

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RS-2 Rear Bumper / Tire Carrier

DV8 Offroad is a newer Southern California based off-road company located in Riverside California. They are a small company specializing in quality off-road products for Jeep JK's and Polaris RZR's. We we in the market for a tire carrier so we decided to take a look at DV8 Offroad's latest offering, the RS2 Rear Bumper Tire Carrier.

RS2 Features
The RS2 rear bumper tire carrier features a one piece design for an excellent fit. It's made from 3/16" cold rolled steel for outstanding strength and durability. DV8 engineered the tire carrier to handle up to a 40" tire with a tire mount that is height adjustable. The RS2 incorporates a innovative one handed opening design. To facilitate the one handed opening the RS2 utilizes two heim joints attached to a steel plate on the rear tailgate. The steel plate replaces the factory tailgate vent and mounts to factory mounting holes. This plate has openings in it to maintain airflow in your JK allowing the HVAC system to operate within factory specifications. The bumper itself has an integrated tow hitch and D ring mounts. The corners contour to the body and are rounded up for excellent clearance. The RS2 appears to be a well thought out, highly engineered bumper. 

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The installation
First we started with the removal of the factory bumper and tire carrier. Being a 2014 JK all of the bolts came out fairly easy. A little word of wisdom, wear goggles while underneath the Jeep as a lot unseen dirt will drop down on your face. Next your going to remove two vents from the rear tailgate and spare tire mount. The vents come out fairly easy but use caution to not break the retaining clips. The wiring for the third brake light should easily unplug once you gain access from the removal of the vents.

Next we need to mount the DV8 mounting plate to the tailgate. This is a key point of the RS2 system where the swing out carrier operates in tandem with the tailgate. When mounting you will see some horizontal cuts in the mounting plate. These cuts are to maintain proper airflow in the JK. DV8 Offroad with the help of Chrysler engineers determined the proper airflow required to keep your Jeeps HVAC system working at peak performance. Make sure when mounting that the tabs are to the left(drivers side)

The bumper mounting was a breeze thanks to the precision one piece design. All eight mounting points lined up perfectly the first time. Don't forget the spacer plate between the rear crossmember and the bumper, we did! The fix was easy enough, but without it your bumper will be dangerously close to the body. After loosely mounting the bumper, step back and take a look as it will likely need to be centered before tightening the bolts. 

The swing out carrier mounts easily to the bumper. Be sure to grease both of your tapered bearings with a high quality bearing grease first. Then insert the larger bearing into the lower side of the carrier (it only goes on one way). You are going to gently place the tire carrier onto the bumper mount and onto the top bearing. Next place the nut on top and gently secure. Only tighten enough to take out any lateral play in the carrier and place the cotter pin and top dust cover.

Securing the swing out to the body is a little slower, but you'll want to take your time to fine tune this. We found it best to secure the heim joints first to the swing out, then the mounting plate on the tailgate. Now you'll have to slowly open and close the tailgate to fine tune your adjustment. To fine tune this you can make a turn on the heim joints and adjust the rear bumper (located on the mountain plate). Once everything works smooth it's time to install your spare tire. You can adjust height based on your tire size.

Taking the RS2 on the road
Well we've had the bumper on now for about a month. The first compliments actually came from my wife who steals the JK at every chance to go out and do whatever she does. In Socal we have what are called "Santa Ana" winds. These seasonal winds blow though our mountain passes into the valleys at horrendous speeds. My wife stated she loved the one handed opening of the tailgate while loading her monthly Costco run. I guess trying to manipulate a separate swing out and tailgate could prove tricking in 60 mph winds. Maybe DV8 is on to something here???

I like to taking my jeep out exploring so my next little jaunt was a trip with my son around the Salton Sea. While bouncing down the highway at 80 mph I did develop a little rattle. A couple of wrenches and a "double-double" later we were back in service sitting in a "In and Out" parking lot. Our first stop was painted canyon just east of Mecca California. It's a prehistoric looking area with tight slot canyons and smooth sand. My adjustments at In and Out worked, rattle free though 5 miles of washboard. Next it was off to the hills around Glamis Sand Dunes and a little stop to Bombay Beach on the east side of the Salton Sea, a freakish little town almost swallowed bt the Salton Sea years ago. Definitely worth a visit.

Our last visit was a trip to Crafts peak, a secret little hide away above the Arctic circle on the way to Big Bear. A steep and rocky climb up to the 8300" mark with a couple of TJ friends. At the top is a small off camber parking area where we stopped for refreshments. Being on a side hill the one handed opening I can say came in very handy. Again rattle free on a very loose and rocky climb.


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DV8 Offroad has produced a nicely priced and well thought out product. The smooth operation of the tailgate and carrier seem almost like it was original equipment. The convenience of the one handed opening can't be overstated. You don't realize how nice it is on a side hill or flat ground for that matter to have that second hand available.The workmanship and the textured powder coat have drawn many compliments. The robust design will easily accommodate a larger tire and some extra hardware. I think the RS2 will provide us with many years of trouble free operation. Definitely worth worth a look!

For more information about DV8 Offroad products check out there website or give them a call.

DV8 Offroad
421 Main Street
Riverside,Ca. 92501
Phone: (951)680-9595

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