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Big D Off-Road's Dodge Steering Box Stabilizer Installed on our Dodge 2500 4x4 - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:38:30 PM

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Big D Off-Road Dodge Steering Box Stabilizer

The Dodge 2500 & 3500 pickups have a known issue with there steering box's. A faint but noticeable looseness in the steering of these trucks can cause road wandering. Add a lift and bigger tires like we did and you increase those symptoms more along with increasing the wear on the steering components like the rod ends & steering box. If you let the symptoms go long enough you may find yourself heading down the road and suddenly hit with the dreaded and scary "Death Wobble". We had this happen a few times on the freeway and although its not as scary as the Jeeps Death Wobble it definitely gets your attention. Big D Off-Road has built a solution adding stability to the steering box's sector shaft. Supporting the sector shaft on these trucks helps eliminate some of the stress put on the steering box.

Now of course there are a few companies making similar units we chose to install a Big D Off-Road unit over the others because of design and price. Don, owner of Big D's makes his kits with a 1-piece design constructed of 1/4" cold rolled steel & CNC formed. It looks like a factory unit compared to some of the competitors. And as mentioned price, Don has reduced his manufacturing cost less than others and instead of pocketing that profit he's passed it onto the customers. The price of all of his kits regardless of year is only $120 with FREE SHIPPING!

Read along as we install and test the Big D Off-Road Steering box stabilizer on our 2007 Dodge 2500 4x4.

- Eliminate steering box play
  - Eliminate frame flex
  - Reduces steering wander
  - No drilling or welding
  - All mounting hardware is included
  - Easy to follow instructions with pictures.

What comes in the Kit
1/4" One-piece CNC formed & powdercoated bracket, Sector shaft extension nut, Bearing support and mounting hardware. Below are some pictures of the parts from the kit.

Click on images for large view


The installation was very simple even for the most inexperienced mechanic. It took me about 20-30 minutes using hand tools. No drilling or welding required. The kit bolts into factory holes making the install easy.

Step 1 - First step was to remove the pitman arm nut and install the supplied nut and lock washer. You will need a 1-5/16 deep socket to get the factory nut off and a 1-1/8 deep socket or box wrench to get the new nut on an torqued to 225 ft./lbs.

Step 2 - Next we supported the sway bar using a floor jack and wood block. There are 2 bolts on each frame rail holding the sway bar bushings. Those bolts were removed from both sides and then we carefully lowered the jack until there was clearance to install the steering box bracket. The bracket is fitted into position between the frame and sway bar mounts. The sway bar was then jacked back up and bolted into the frame.

Step 3 - Next step was installing the sector shaft bearing on the bracket. The bearing slides over the previously installed sector shaft extension nut. The support bearing is then bolted down and secured to the bracket using the supplied hardware. Lastly we pulled out the grease gun and gave it a good lubing at the zrrk fitting. See pictures below taken during the install.

Click on images for large view


Our steering wasn't as bad as some of the peoples we've witnessed however it was beginning to show signs of wear. After installing the lift we did notice more road wander and that initiated finding a solution. We installed the Big D Offroad kit partially as a preventive maintenance and also for piece of mind when were out off-road camping and hitting the back roads. After installing the kit I did notice a difference in the steering, it felt slightly more responsive and controlled. Overall I'm pleased with both the ease of installation, probably the easiest item ive installed in a while as well as I'm happy with the results.
If your looking for a well made steering support for your Dodge pickup consider the Big D's unit, It's very well made and surprisingly inexpensive.

For more information about Big D Off Road, LLC products check out there website or give them a call.

Big D Off Road, LLC
4177 82nd St.
Byron Center, MI, 49315
Phone: (616) 299-0261

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