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Dodge 2500 Cummins CORSA db Exhaust 4-inch Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:39:51 PM

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Cummins CORSA db Exhaust 4-inch Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust

Project Big Horn is our camping and tow vehicle, so when it came to choosing an exhaust for our Cummins powered truck we had 2 equally important requirements. First off we wanted to retain a quiet in cab exhaust sound while were on those lengthy road trips. We wanted something that wont drownd out conversation, music and good old piece and quiet. On the other hand we wanted to increase the flow in our trucks exhaust for performance reasons. It's common knowledge that diesel trucks don't like restrictions. More flow going in and more flow going out is a recipe for a happy diesel engine. Now the trick was finding an aftermarket exhaust that can support both our requirements. Corsa has the answer with their db exhaust kits for the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins powered Dodge Ram's. There proud of their unique straight through design engineered to eliminate the dreaded droning common in Cummins powered vehicles with aftermarket exhausts. Corsa's R&D team spent vigorous time and energy designing an exhaust that allows for 36% more flow with minimal in cab exhaust sound thanks to patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology.
So we picked up a Corsa 4" stainless cat-back exhaust to install in our truck. Also available for those of you lucky enough to live in a state that doesn't require catalytic converters is an optional 4" stainless downpipe kit (PN: 25031) from the turbo to the muffler. Follow along as we install and review Corsa's Cummins exhaust with some audio clips for you to listen to at the end.

What comes in the Cat-Back Kit - Part # 25029

The Corsa db exhaust kit comes with all new 100% mandrel bent 4" 304L stainless steel exhaust tubing, a stainless steel patented straight through non-restrictive muffler, 5" slash cut stainless steel exhaust tip, stainless exhaust clamps and hangers, detailed instructions & a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the truck. See images below.
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Removing the old factory exhaust
First off we started by removing the factory u-bolt clamps beginning with the one after the muffler. Our trucks a California truck so rust isn't an issue and the u-bolts lucky for us came right off. If you have a rusty exhaust id recommend spraying the bolts with pentrating oil the day before. With some yanking and smacking with a rubber mallet we were able to pull the tailpipe out and remove it from the truck. Next we removed the u-bolt clamp in front of the muffler. We had to cut a slit in the pipe were they sleeve over each other using a die grinder and 3" cut off wheel. Sometimes the factory u-bolt clamps deform the pipe locking them together making it difficult to separate. By cutting a 1-2" slit in the exhaust we were able to pry it open which eases the process of removing the stock muffler. Again we used a mallet to knock things free and assist in carefully beating the factory muffler out. Time to start installing the new cat-back system.

Installing the new Cat-Back System
The Corsa kit comes with everything you need to install this kit in any Cummins equipped truck from 2003-2007 whether it be a standard cab to Mega Cab and every body style in between. We began by installing the curved extension pipe followed by the muffler. The muffler has a drain hole on one side and it's important that it points down. Once the muffler was in place we assembled the tailpipe and last but not least the new 5" slash cut tip. With everything in place we made final adjustments to the tailpipe and muffler to ensure their tucked up and aligned properly.
The instruction say to leave all of the new stainless u-bolts somewhat loose until the entire exhaust is installed. Final step was to torque down the u-bolts and clean up our tools. The entire exhaust swap took about 2hrs to complete from start to finish and required minimal tools any could be accomplished by most entry level mechanics.

Installation Pics

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Hear for yourself!

We've been extremely pleased with our Corsa db exhaust system. The sound from the outside the truck was slightly louder than we were expecting but by no means are we complaining. The truck has a deep rumble at idle and low RPM's with very little in cab noise. When you put the peddle to the floor it comes alive with a mean growl all the way through the RPM's. Most importantly that doesn't transfer into the cab unless the windows are down. You do have some additional in cab noise but it's minimal and has zero drone thanks to the patented RSC technology Corsa is famous for. Out on the highway the truck cruises right along with almost no difference in inside cab noise over the stock system, just what we were looking for. If your in the market for an exhaust consider the advantages Corsa offers, we promise you won't be dissappointed.

For more information about Corsa db Exhaust products check out there website or give them a call.

Corsa db Exhaust
140 Blaze Industrial Parkway
Berea Ohio, 44017
Phone: (440) 891-0999

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