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2007 Dodge 2500 Cummins 5.9L S&B Cold Air Intake & CNC Intake Elbow - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:41:18 PM

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Cummins 5.9L S&B Cold Air Intake & CNC Intake Elbow

S&B Filters produces top of the line cold air intakes and other performance intake products at an affordable price. Continuing to make their name in the motorsport world with quality intake products for most late model vehicles on the road today. We picked up an S&B cold air intake kit and CNC machined intake elbow for our Project Big Horn. With these 2 products our truck will increase its incoming airflow exponentially and will be ready to go for future performance mods we have planned.

The reason we went with the S&B intake is because we favored there design over competitors units. There filter isn't open to the elements where it can be caked with dust and dirt. With the occasional camping and off-road exploring we do in this truck we don't want to be sucking silty dust generated in the engine compartment into our intake system. Below is a list of S&B products we picked up and installed in our Cummins powered truck.

Parts List:

 - S&B Cold Air Intake w/Cotton Filter PN: 75-5047
 - S&B Intake Replacement Filter (Dry Disposable) PN: KF-1035D
 - S&B Filter Wrap PN: WF-1023
 - S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oil Kit PN: 88-0008
 - S&B Intake Elbow PN: 76-1004

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Installing the S&B Cold Air Intake

Removing the old: First step was ditching the factory intake filter box and tube from the turbo forward. Only factory part being retained is the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor which will be relocated on the S&B Intake tube. Removing the factory filter box is pretty easy simply removing 1-bolt near the front passenger-side fender. Unplug the IAT sensor and loosen the hose clamp on the intake tube at the turbo. Once these items have been taken care of the intake box and tube pulls right out.

       Like Turbo Whistle??

* The S&B kit alone will increase the turbo sound but if you love to hear that turbo whilsting heres a little tip. Remove the silencer ring prior to installing the new intake. We removed ours while we were there and it definitley increased the sound. If you don't like it it's easy to reinstall later.

Installing the New: First we attached the IAT sensor to the new intake tube using the supplied screws and gasket. Next we installed the supplied silicone adapter and hose clamp to the S&B intake tube and fit it onto the turbo. The top of the intake box holds the filter assembly so we installed the washable filter and pre-filter again using the supplied hose clamp. We opted for the pre-filter for extra particulate filtration. Since our truck will not only be used for hauling our rock crawlers to the trails but it will be seeing dusty trail conditions itself exploring the great outdoors. Why not use the extra filtration of a pre-filter. The clear cover attaches next with the supplied stainless steel screws.

52% less restrictive than Factory Mopar Filter, 50% increase across CFM spectrum Washable or Dry Filter compatible, Certified to ISO 5011 Air Filtration Standards

Installing the CNC Intake Elbow
The new CNC Machined Intake Elbow is a work of art. Not only does it allow a large increase in air flow but who doesn't appreciate the beauty of a solid chunk of aluminum CNC machined and TIG welded
attached to their truck?
The airflow characteristics of the stock elbow are restrictive and have sharp bends.

8 available ports allows you to monitor and inject everything you want. 45% improvement in airflow over stock (Better flow than any competitors intake elbow).


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After installing these intake mods we've noticed two differences right off the bat. The most obvious being the turbo whistling like a big rig. Finally we can hear that turbo sing to us. With the factory intake and silencer ring you could barely hear the turbo at all, Now it sings proudly as the RPM's increase. The other difference we noticed was quicker throttle response. The engine comes alive a little faster when you get on it, not a huge increase but noticeable. Without a dyno test before and after it's hard to tell exactly how much performance gain was achieved. None the less we are happy with the results of our S&B Intake modifications and with future tuning and other performance mods we have planned for this truck we will never exceed the capacity of our new S&B setup. On a seperate note I love hearing the turbo whistle while cruising down the Highway.

For more information about S&B products check out there website or give them a call.

S&B Filters
15461 Slover Avenue
Fontana, CA 92337
Phone: 800-358-2639

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