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ComeUp SEAL Series 9.5rsi Winch and Recovery Kit - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:40:04 PM

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ComeUp SEAL Series 9.5rsi
Winch and Recovery Kit

(2:37AM Phone Rings)
"Helllllloooo?" (in an "I'm sleeping why are you calling me at this hour" voice)
"Whacha doin?"
"Ummm what do you think I'm doing? I'm Sleeping. What do you want?"
"Wellll I kinda need your help....."

If you have been wheelin long enough, or are young and stupid enough, you may have been on either end of that phone call at least once. There is a good chance that if said person was prepared there might not have been a phone call. If you find yourself in a sticky situation of being stuck in one way or another with no one around to help, there is no better tool to have than a winch you can rely on. Sure a come-a-long can be useful, even a Hi-Lift jack can get you unstuck. But a winch is one of those accessories that when you need it, there is no other tool that can help you quite like a winch can.

What comes with the ComeUp Winch and Recovery Bag
Lets start with the winch. The model we chose to use on Project Black Whole
is their top of the line SEAL series 9.5rsi. Out of the box this model comes with all wiring connected and ready to be hooked up to your battery. It comes with 2 different remotes. A wired remote is standard with any winch you are going to purchase, but this model comes with an integrated wireless remote system as well. It also features a synthetic line and an aluminum hawse fairlead.

As for the Recovery Kit: There is a 3"X30' recovery strap rated at just under 22,000lbs, a 4"X8' tree saver strap, a 22,000lb snatch block for when you're REALLY stuck, 2 clevises/"D" rings/shackles (whatever you want to call them), a winch line damper, leather gloves to save your hands, and of course the bag that everything comes in.

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This thing is a beast! Right out of the box you can tell it is a beefy unit. But we didn't realize how big and beefy it was until we set it in the bumper. Since the break is on the outside of the drum, it gives some extra width to the gear side of the case. The whole unit sits at around 24" wide. My suggestion would be to go out and measure your clearance on your bumper if you have a "recessed winch" type of bumper. It is slightly narrower than the Warn PowerPlant so if your bumper will fit that, it will fit this. We ended up having to make a little more clearance on our custom bumper because it was built around a narrower winch. But we plan on building another bumper for Project Black Whole soon anyway.

Installation is strait forward. It has the same bolt pattern as any other full sized winch so there should be no bolt pattern issues. Since it is a sealed winch, all the electronics are already installed and hooked up. All you have to do is hook the + and - to the battery and it will start beeping at you. I was not expecting that because I never read the directions. All you have to do is turn the wireless remote on by holding down the power button for 5-10 seconds, when the green light comes on push the "line in" or "line out" button and it will stop beeping. It does this to program the included wireless remote to your specific winch. Now bolt up the new Hawse fairlead and put the hook on.

It's that easy. You're ready to use your new winch! No wiring a bunch of wires with A, B, or C written on them and trying to figure out where it goes. And there will be no winding of the rope either because that is already done for you!

To test the speed we found a hill that had about a 15-20 degree slope to it and we ran it all the way out until we could see the red part of the rope on the drum. This is as far as you can unwind any winch! if you go beyond this, there is a chance of the line coming off. So make sure you leave the last full spool of rope on the dum before actually winching. We then winched the Jeep up the hill with the rest of the line. Total time for that was 3:54.1. Not a bad line speed under load! After winching the whole way I felt the drum and it was barely warm to the touch. So no overheating problems either.

Our second test was pulling ourselves out of a sticky situation. So we got the Jeep in the middle of a rock garden with some decent sized boulders and hook up the winch once again. With no motor assistance, the ComeUp winch pulled the Jeep up and over a few 2-3ft high boulders with little bogging down.


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More Information
COMEUP is a fairly new company to the USA; However, they were bread from an Australian company that has been manufacturing winches for other companies since the 70's. They also manufacture their own winches in Australia, but under a different name. These winches have been tested in australian magazines against some of the most reputable name brands and compared very well, and in some cases beat the "best of the best" in a side by side competition.

The COMEUP brand has a unique brake design. Instead of having the brake inside the drum (as most winches do) where it builds up heat and can cause premature wear on the synthetic rope, COMEUP has put the brake on the far outside to keep the heat away from the synthetic line. This also aids in cooling it down faster. The downside to this is that it adds a couple inches to the width of the winch. But it still measures in at less than a Warn Powerplant does.

There isn't much of a market for a "mid grade" winch. There is a LOT of cheaper winches out there right now for under $600. And there is quite a few in the $1500 and up range. But there really isn't much for an in between option. The guys at COMEUP have nailed it though. List price for this winch is around $1100. But the base model (no wireless remote and steel line with roller fairlead) can hit you for about $750. Now that is still for the SEAL series winch that is fully submersible. So just that right there gives you a more reliable winch for winter time than 90% of the market. I really like how everything is clean and hidden. If you do want something a little easier on the wallet they have the DV series winches that do not feature the submersibility that the SEAL series offers, but they offer a slightly more economical price and range from 9,000lbs all the way up to 15,000lbs.

For more information about ComeUp products check out there website or give them a call.

26300 SW 95th Avenue STE 103
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Phone: 503-783-6142
Fax: 503-783-6143


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