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Greenball Kanati Mud Hog Tires - 35x12.5x17 - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:32:55 PM

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Kanati Mud Hog Tire Review - 35x12.5x17

Theirs a new mud tire on the market! Greenball Tire Company released this light truck tire called the Kanati Mud Hog. A radial mud-terrain with deep tread and great sidewall traction. We picked up a set curiously wanting to try them out on our new Dodge Cummins Project. Some of you may not be familiar with the Greenball or Kanati name and thats alright because we weren't either. Greenball Tire Company has been a big player in tires ranging from Agriculture, ATV's, Fork Lifts, Golf Carts, Skid Steers and Light-Trucks with 35 years of experience making quality tires. The reason you may have never heard of them until now is because up until recently they've never produced an "off-road" tire for light-trucks. With the new Mud-Hogs introduction the name Kanati has everyone asking about these great looking tires. We picked up a set to see for ourselves what these bad boys were all about.

Check out the review below as we put 5,000 miles testing these on multiple conditions and daily driving.

First Impression

The Kanati Mud Hog sports some pretty hefty tread measuring 20/32 or nearly 5/8 of an inch deep.
I particularly like the extra sipping in the center sections which helps out considerably in wet weather conditions. That's one thing I prefer in a mud tire if it's going used for daily driving. The sidewall tread adds to the off-road performance providing added traction on the rocks as well as puncture resistance. The Mud-Hog has some undeniable tread resemblance of 2 of my favorite tires. I'll let you take a guess but I'm sure many of you avid off-roaders already noticed it. For the rest of you, These tires at first glance looked to me like a combination of a Goodyear MT/R (original) with a similar center tread pattern mixed with a Kevlar MT/R sidewall tread resemblance. Perhaps thats why I was drawn to these tires. Take a look below, fresh meats!
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Street Performance
These tires have your typical mud-terrain road characteristics as I would sum it up. Fairly noisy tread with a nice hum going down the highway. Road manors are good with a positive feel around corners and braking. I did notice they pulled ever so slightly to the right after they were installed. I rotated them but that didn't seem to change anything. Hard to say whether or not this was entirely the tires or a characteristic of my truck.

- Street Performance:

Off-Road Performance
These tires performed very well off-road. The tread pattern latched onto the rocks with excellent grip. These tires were at home in the great outdoors especially aired down. Our big 3/4 ton truck performed well for being the beast it is. I would definetly like to try a set of these on a Jeep or small SUV in a rock crawling environment. I bet they would really hook up.

- Off-road Performance:

Snow & Wet Weather Performance
The Mud-Hog provided great traction in both snow and rainy conditions. The aggressive tread wasted no time getting traction in the snow and when needed found solid ground below the white covering. The siping as expected did provide great road characteristics on wet rainy days. Overall very pleased with them.

- Winter Performance:

How Do The Kanati Mud Hogs Measure Up?
We reviewed the 35x12.5x17 Hog which measured in at around 34.25" with the weight of a 3/4 ton Diesel truck pushing on them. Overall width was about 11.75" and tread depth was just shy of 5/8 of an inch deep. (See pictures below)

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Aside from how these tires performed we really liked the way they look. The side tread gives the tire a rugged looks as well as providing traction. Shown below mounted to a factory Dodge 2500 wheel which is a 17x8.


At the time of this review we have clocked just over 5,000 miles on our Kanati Mud-Hogs and have been pleased with them so far.
I'm surprised the tread seems to be holding up fairly well for being mounted onto a HEAVY 3/4 ton diesel truck. The tread was measured at just under a 1/2" remaining at 5k miles. If you do the math these meats should hold up for another 15k or miles easily, not bad.

Just before press time Kanati notified us that they have more sizes in the works including a 37" and a few sizes in a 20" wheel.

For more information about the Kanati Mud Hogs check out Kanati's website or check with your local tire retail store.

Kanati Tires
Phone: 1-800-946-9412

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