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DynaTek Rhino CDI & Coil - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:39:36 PM

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Performance CDI & Coil
Installed on Project Rhino

Product Overview:
The first thing we noticed about our Rhino while flying across the trails was there was a rev limiter built in on the factory Ignition (CDI). We did some research and discovered that the factory limits the engine RPM's to 7,700 rpm's. Of course we peaked this barreling along at about 45mph with my foot still pushing down wanting more. Although 45mph is a respectable top speed for a 1300lb. semi unstable machine but being able to really open her up every now and again was a must. We did some research on several manufactures producing these Rhino performance CDI's that either eliminate the rev limiter altogether or up the limiter a to 9k rpm. One of the biggest complaints we read about was some aftermarket CDI's ignitions require you to turn the key to the on position and wait a few seconds before starting. No biggy, you just have to pretend its a diesel I guess... Other CDI's have problems starting and in some cases don't start at all and are a manufactured defect in which case you would have to return the CDI and wait for the manufacture to send you a new one. Needless to say we weren't to excited to experience either of these potential problems and chose a Performance CDI from a well known company called DynaTek. Not saying any of these problems aren't possible but the fact of the matter is we never read or heard anybody complaining about these problems with the DynaTek unit.

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DynaTek FS (non-programmable CDI) Features:

  • Improved Timing Curves
  • Higher Rev Limit (9,000 rpm)
  • Removed Reverse Rev Limit
  • Overrides belt indicator for full performance at all times
  • Increased Spark Energy
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Easier Starting
  • Plug-In Module Replacement (Easy Mounting)

DynaTek also offers a Performance Coil kit PN: DCK7-2 that replaces the factory coil with a more powerful and efficient coil. Both the CDI and coil are said to increase the Rhino's overall power from low to upper range with a significant difference. 

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We installed both the CDI & Coil on our Rhino in less than a hour. After installing both products the Rhino started immediately possibly even quicker than with the stock components. We immediately noticed difference in low and mid range power upon take off.
Project "Rhino" definitely had some more pep and with the higher rev limiter we were able to increase our top speed by an estimated 8mph over stock. Now were talking!! Overall we are happy with the performance gains these two ignition modifications made to our Rhino and have yet to have a starting problem. For more information about DynaTek products check out there website.

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