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Brown Dog Industries Jeep Super Brackets & Lifted Motor Mounts - PRODUCT REVIEW
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October 18, 2017, 09:39:25 PM

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by Editor on March 15, 2010, 02:32:00 PM

Jeep Super Brackets & Polyurethane Motor Mounts

Brown Dog Industries has recently come out with some BEEFY motor mounts and Super engine brackets for Jeep model vehicles. There super brackets replace the factory engine block mounts, not to be confused with the frame side bushing mounts. Built entirely of 1/4" steel, plated and welded for superior strength. There super brackets also catch a few more existing bolt holes on the engine block for extra beef. All new bolts, washers and nuts come with the kit in none other than grade 8 hardware. The frame side bushing mounts come in polyurethane and rubber depending on what you want. Typically poly mounts cause a little more engine vibe vs. rubber mounts but not much. I went with polyurethane because I want very little engine movement since the tranny is mounted with custom polyurethane style bushing mounts as well. Another option Brown Dog Industries offers is stock height, 1" lifted and 2" lifted motor mounts, again depending on what you want. Made from 3/16" steel including an anti-crushing support to go with the Beefy theme. These mounts otta' hold up to anything our torquey little 4.6L stroker motor can dish out along with the abuse from rock crawling as well.

In this article I will be installing an the Brown Dog Industries Super Brackets and 1" lifted Polyurethane motor mounts on Project Rock Spider (Jeep YJ).

What comes in the Super Brackets Kit
The Super kit from Brown Dog Industries comes complete with a driver & passenger side heavy duty engine Super Brackets, Your choice of motor mounts, Grade 8 hardware and detailed instructions with photographs showing which length bolt goes where. The brackets are even labeled with tags indicating which bracket to install first. The bolts bags are labeled driver & passenger side for less confusion. And I must say the packaging was nice enough to mention too. Other companies could take some pointers from Brown Dog. See the pictures below for what's included in the kit. 

Click on images for large view


Tools Needed
- 3/8 or 1/2 Ratchet
- Torque Wrench (ft/lbs)
- 3/4 socket for motor mount bushing bolts
- 15mm socket for motor mount frame bolts
- 9/16 socket for engine block brackets

Installing the motor mounts and Super engine brackets was pretty straight forward. I've done a few sets of poly motor mounts in the past and there really isn't much to it. Only with the Super kit you swap out block side brackets as well. Not to worry, Brown Dog includes a nice set of detailed instructions with a step by step procedure even down to which side to start on first.

I was especially pleased with how everything lined up perfect and required no extra work like drilling a hole out slightly larger, etc. Brown Dog test fits all there brackets to ensure proper installation without hassle or modification. And this is entirely true, the bracket holes all lined up and threaded in like a breeze. To make matters even better, Brown Dog also provides all new Grade 8 hardware to replace all the existing factory bolts. As suggested we added a little red thread lock to each bolt prior to installation to ensure they don't back out later on. Each bolt was torqued to 40 ft/lbs of pressure as specified in the directions. Below are some photo's taken during the installation.

Installation Pictures

Click on images for large view

Before Brown Dog Mounts


(Super Brackets) Motor block mounts comparison & installation


Driver & Passenger side polyurethane motor mounts installed


Driver Side Super Bracket & 1" MML (motor mount lift)

Passenger Side
Super Bracket & 1" MML


More About Brown Dog Industries
Brown Dog Industries is a relatively new company starting out building some engine mounts to replace the stockers that broke on there personal Jeep YJ. Word got around to other people and before they knew it, Brown Dog was developing and selling the industries first Super Brackets (Motor side mounts) and there popularity has taken off. Now available for nearly all Jeep makes and models
ranging from YJ, TJ, XJ & MJ. Motor brackets for the following Jeep motors available in these vehicles. 2.5L, 2.8L, 4.0L, 4.2L & 2.1L Diesel.

After installing and using the polyurethane motor mounts & super brackets there was noticeable less engine movement without anymore noticeable engine vibrations than before, Surprisingly. The mounts were straight forward and simple to install. The overall strength increase over stock mounts is what its all about. In our case preventative maintenance before our mounts fail. I've had several people comment on the motor mounts and the robustness (if thats a word) of the super brackets. They definitely appeal to a crowd that hammer down on there Jeeps. I know I do and if you think about it, the inline-6 engine is kind of a pig when it comes to weight. Combined with the abuse from rock crawling, falling off ledges, bouncing up and over rocks to achieve an obstacle puts a lot of stress on the engine mounts from the block to the frame. So the extra stout super brackets on the engine block will allow you to rest assure those aren't a weak point any longer.


To show confidence in there product, Brown Dog also includes a lifetime warranty if you ever damage there mounts. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable as a consumer than the manufacture backing there product line with a warranty like this. So if your in the market for some motor mounts be sure to check out Brown Dog Industries. There Super kit doesn't compare to anything on the market and you won't be disappointed.

For more information about Brown Dog Industries products check out there website or give them a call.

Brown Dog Industries
4026 E Wagon Circle
Gilbert AZ 85297
Phone: 866 401-3877 (24/7)

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