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Daystar Hood Wranglers and Tailgate Bumpstops For Jeep JK - PRODUCT REVIEW
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August 22, 2017, 12:26:32 PM

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Hood Wranglers and Tailgate Bump stops

    When driving down the freeway in the new JK Wrangler you cant help but notice the hood jumping up and down so violently you think at any minute its going to rip the laches off and come flying up at your windshield. The best way to get rid of this is to replace the stock stretchy hood latches with the new Daystar Hood Wranglers. Instead of the inadequate rubber the factory neglectfully over looked, Daystar has upgraded these with a much stronger polyurethane material that has little to NO stretch at all, keeping the hood from moving in the strongest of winds. Even at speeds of 80+ mph we didn't notice any movement at all.

Hood Wrangler Installation:
What you get:
2 Hood Wranglers, 4 Bolt sets, and a Small amount of locktite
What you need:
Dikes, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 5/16 drill bit
Daystar recommends removing the lower hood latch completely off the fender and using ViseGrips to twist and break the factory clips off...
We left them mounted to the fender and used dikes and they snapped off very easily saving a ton of time. After removing them and placing them next to each other you can notice the Hood Wranglers are a little shorter, but a lot stiffer. We were unable to get the supplied bolts through the factory whole to reinstall the new Hood Wranglers so we used a 5/16 drill bit to get them to fit. (Daystar is releasing new hardware for this issue soon!)

We had to use the 5/16 drill bit for both top and bottom to get them to fit correctly, but it wasn't a big setback.
 After drilling, the bolts slid right in. Remember when installing your new Hood Wranglers make sure you put the flat side on to the bottom mount.
After putting the bolt through each whole, put a little dab of locktite on the screw threads and tighten them down.  Once everything is together you have a factory look with much stronger hold downs!

Tailgate Bump Stops Installation:
These are our factory bump stops. The previous owner had already attempted to cut them down but did a hack job. To remove the factory bump stops just pull out and twist to the left.
To install the new bump stops simply do the opposite, push into the tailgate and twist to the right. They kind of screw in and they will sit flush with the body when all the way in. You can try to fit your tire on without cutting the bump stops first, but if you are running the stock wheels like we are your going to have to cut them for sure. We used a utility knife with a fresh blade and that seemed to work well. Since we are running the stock rims, the tires are quite close to the body so we had to cut them all the way. We suggest cutting off one layer at a time, you can always cut more off but you can't add it back on.

    The only problem that we have found is that the Hood Wranglers are VERY tight. They might loosen up a little over time but it can be kind of difficult to latch the hood down. Overall we are impressed with the quality and ease of installation of both products. These are small issues that are commonly overlooked, but its nice to know that there are easy ways to fix them. Cost: $25 for the Hood Wranglers and $15 for the Tailgate Tire Bump Stops. A pretty cheap fix to keep things tight and keep them from rattling if you ask me. Well worth the money spent!

Company Contact Info:

Check out the Daystar Interior panels here!


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