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Losi Mini Rock Crawler (MRC) - Custom 'home brewed' Tuber Jeep Wrangler Chassis
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September 19, 2017, 05:40:02 AM

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Losi Mini Rock Crawler (MRC)

Custom 'home brewed' Tubed Jeep Wrangler Chassis

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* Finished Pictures on Page 3 (added 1/18/09)

First and foremost the stock chassis on our Losi Crawler works pretty good and doesnt really have any flaws for the most part. Good shock positioning, light weight construction, etc. However, the fun and enjoyment of modifying something has ALWAYS appealed to me and for that reason this little crawlers gotta have a custom tube chassis. The design & build of a tube chassis appeals to me alone just being a long time 1:1 metal fabricator. The challenge of making a complete functioning tube chassis that fits in the palm of my hand will be a challenge thats for sure. In all honesty I dont anticipate my chassis working better than the stock chassis because it will likely weigh more. The reason for this chassis will be to bring our Losi Crawler into a more "Scale" look and functionality. Who knows though, it may work better...

I made a few "to-scale" sketches for the initial length and width tubes starting with the dovetailed rear section that goes forward to the a-pillars. The width was the most crucial since im using a Bruder LJ Jeep Wrangler body I picked up on eBay for about 30 bucks (complete toy jeep). Kind of pricey for this project since I only planned on cannibalizing it for its hood and grill. Maybe the dash and steering wheel too but not sure yet.

Parts Used
  1/8 solid steel rod picked up at the local
Home Depot
Brake line tube bender picked up at Harbor Frieght
Also using a combination of other primitive ways of bending tubing with success
2mm harware for mounting skins and body panels
Aluminum remnant used to make the lower boat side rock panels

Products Used
  Bruder 1/18 scale Jeep Unlimited Toy (body)
  Mayhem Engineering 1.9 Aluminum Beadlocks
Proline 1.9 G8 Compound Flatiron Tires
CR/CC 5/32 Stainless Steel Bent Lower Links (Longer fronts)
 CR/CC 3/16 Stainless Steel 1/10 scale steeing arms for Hitech 645mg Servo
Losi Steel Lockers Front & Rear (replaces plastic ones)
  Losi Center Gear Steel Locker (again replaces plastic)
Hot Racing Driveshafts
  3Racing Front Axle C's (removed blue anodizing)
3Racing Front Axle Steering Knuckles (same)
  Losi Mini LST aluminum shocks (same)
G-Made 12mm Hex Wheel Spacers (removed red anodizing)

Progress Photo's Added

Mock up of the hood and grill on the chassis. The grill needs to be shaved so that the hood sits down more. Hood pin allows the hood to open on a hinge. Might put the scale engine in but that will a detail later. Picked up some Losi LST shocks. The springs are a little stiff so I bought some softs incase I like them better.


Made some new skids out of aluminum sheeting I had laying around. Cannibalized from a Radio Shack project box cover. Great think piece that super light weight. Might need to use button head bolts on these.

More Pictures Added:


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