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Yamaha Rhino HID Factory Replacement Lights - PRODUCT REVIEW

Yamaha Rhino HID Factory Replacement Lights - PRODUCT REVIEW


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Yamaha Rhino HID's
Factory Replacement Kit

As you all have experienced by now the stock Rhino lighting system just doesn't cut it. They produce 'ok' light at best and could definitely use a lot of improvement. The best and easiest solution is to buy a factory fit HID kit like the unit designed by Vision X. We picked up our direct fit Rhino HID kit from the, supplier of loads of HID lights from UTV replacements, to aftermarket internal or external ballast lights.

Product Item# HID-RHINO or HID-H6M

About the Lights
These lights are a plug-and-play kit that fits directly into the factory headlight housing. The HID lights produce over 6 times the light over the halogen factory setup. The best and most beneficial part of HID is these lights only use 3.8 amps per ballast.

Technical info about HID lighting
What's the Difference between HID & Halogen? High intensity discharge or HID lights are different from standard halogen bulbs in that HID lights replace the filament of the light bulb with a capsule of gas. The light in HID lights is emitted from an arc discharge between two electrodes. HID lights require ballasts to operate, which supply proper voltage and control current. The amount of light produced by HID lights is greater than a standard halogen bulb and it consumes less power. They also last longer than a halogen bulb. See the chart below for the color spectrum of Halogen vs. HID.

Light Temperatures


As you have noticed these lights plug right into your factory harness and install right into the factory headlight housing with ease. The most time consuming part of the installation is finding a place to mount the ballast. That and how your going to mount the ballast. The give you a couple plastic ballast cradles but there pretty much useless in my opinion. Its probably best to either buy a couple good mounts like the ones i've seen online or make a flat mounting surface (plate) to secure the ballast to. Like I said thats the most difficult part of the installation. The rest is a piece of cake, literally plug in play.

The only difference using the HID lights over your stock halogens is that you only get a high beam. Not a high and low beam. How does this work you may ask? When you turn the lights on your Rhino now the low beam doesn't display any light. You just have to select the high beams setting. (Didnt think it was a big deal but thought I should mention it.)

Click on image for large view

Ballast and Bulb close ups


Well first things first, installation was a piece of cake, the light output results were equally impressive. These lights were much brighter and provided the amount of light we were looking to achieve. Heck these lights are pretty damn good by themselves without really needing to use additional lighting. Something to think about before you go buy some expensive aftermarkets to add to your bumper. If there were a downside to this kit I would have to say it should come with better ballast mounts to make installing them 100% easy, not a big deal though. Check out the photo's below to see how well the new HID lights work. Great Results!

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Contact Information

Phone: 602-454-1060


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